Schulwandkarte Beautiful Western Europe England France Map 159×211 Vintage 1956
Schulwandkarte Beautiful Western Europe England France Map 159x211 Vintage 1956

Schulwandkarte Beautiful Western Europe England France Map 159x211 Vintage 1956

Schulwandkarte Beautiful Western Europe England France Map 159×211 Vintage 1956. The description of this item has been automatically translated. See in the list under no. 512 Western Europe (SB450). 30 – 50 – 100Stück school wall map, depending on the distance to me, effort! It these are offered by approximately 200 maps, definitely provided me by the same Publisher in partly different editions. Maß plus 20 cm for the rods note length looking left and right, Total height most 2. Maß plus 5 cm for both rods together. Australia and Oceania Westermann 15th Edition 1965 1:6 000 000 may 12 Edition if I find my 9. A, weight 3,1 kg 208 x 170. West Germany Haack Painke 2. Auflage 1974 1:200 000 190.5 x 211. Northern Germany Westermann 7. Auflage 1973 1:500 000 top with borders of 1937 239 x 155, metal rods, re Brown in the bar and in the Baltic Sea. Eastern Europe peoples and States (language distribution) after the 1st World War Paul list Verlag Wentschow relief map 1:1 000 000 163 x 232 specifically German population 167 x 229. Learning map of Germany of Hinrichs Justus Perthes Darmstadt about 1964 1:600 000 borders 1937 208 x 161. 6 Germany h Painke Justus Perthes Darmstadt 1970 1:1 000 000 borders of 1937 129 x 97 div. 7 migration and State formation in the 4.8. Westermann 1974 red rods stickers 198 x 19 7.5 new price at publishing house 249EUR. 8 Europe in the XX. Jahrhundert Flemming Verlag Hamburg 6. 1958 4 small crack times 1:4 500 000 very smoothly, in Türkei1. Karte 20 4.5 x 163. 9 East and South-East Asia Westermann 11. Auflage 1976 1:4 000 000, also 10. Auflage possible, when I found my 67 183 x 195. 10 Soviet h Painke Justus Pertes Darmstadt 1:3 500 000 3. Auflage 1987, brand new condition 247 x 184. 11 Germany in the XX-th century IRO publishing 6 times 1:2 000 000, cracked 123 x 169. The world from 1783 to 1814 Westermann 1974, red bars, main map 1.18 000 000, inset maps 18 / 7.5/18/9 million 202 x 134, new price about 249EUR. 13 Europe 1965, slightly battered, even wooden dowels, 1:3 000 000, between the two world wars Haack, 80 cm centered above map 180 solved from the bar, 213 x. 14 contemporary history of Europe 9 x somewhat battered 206 x 168 WK1, 1:2 250 000 or 2 x 2.25 5.5 and 9Mio, from Denmark 2. Four times Germany in the 20th century, Paul list Verlag 4. 4 x 1:500 000, without caption new in the bar attached 236 x 171. 16th Asia economic harms Paul list Verlag, 1:8 000 000, 1. 17 Africa from colonization to independence Westermann 1:6 000 000 + 4 x 1: 15Mio 8. Auflage metal bar 207Bx187H. 18 North Asia (USSR) Westermann 1:4 000 000 9. Auflage 1969 5 cm Ritz in the Tientschan and point at Neusib. 19 Middle East and India Westermann 1:4 000 000 5. 21 Europe in the 16th century 1580 Westermann 1:2 500 000. 22 Europe after the 2. 23 Central Europe, Westermann 1:900, 000, 1954, heading away, cracked, West Russia glued, 211Bx206cm. 24 Südpolargebiet Justus Perthes Darmstadt 1:6 000 000 200Bx180? 25 Alliance systems of the world Westermann 1:25 000 000 130Bx210. 26 the world in the 17th and 18th century Westermann 1:18 000 000 200Bx130. 27 history of mankind Christian Jaeger Hannover 140Bx220. 28 Africa JPD 6Mio 1980 5A. Heading slightly damaged 158Bx198H. 29 Africa orbit wall map Westermann 6Mio 1971 Rhodesia with Zimbabue painted over 158Bx168H. 30 Africa from colonization to independence Westermann 6Mio 1970 7. 31 North America VEB Haack lower bracket missing Gotha 6Mio 1954, map battered Center, 159x146H. North America Westermann 6Mio 1973 18A. South America JPD 6Mio 1976 1A 160x200H. South America Westermann 6Mio 1968 12A 148x179H. United States of America and South Canada Westermann 3Mio 1965 5A. Western Hemisphere Westermann 12Mio 1960 13A. Asia Westermann 6Mio 1968 26A. Palestine Westermann 1:250 000 1963 top state secondary map of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus 119x158H. Türkiye Dogal Haritasi Wenschow 1.5 million plastic wrap instead of canvas or paper, 1 bar off, 137x97H. Australia and Polynesia Diercke 6Mio 1955 8. Germany Central Europe Westermann 1: 700,000 1974 210x218H, little Metallstäbung, small damage on Kolberg glued. Germany Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR JPD 4 50,000 1982, 3A, 189x218H top. Germany Central Europe Westermann 700,000 1977 29A 205x222H. Germany and neighbouring countries Westermann 700,000 1960 4. German central uplands JPD 4 50,000 1956 little cracked down right about 215x161H. Lower Saxony Westermann 200,000 1975 196x172H. 200,000 1980 191x223H. Alpine and Alpine countries Westermann 600,000 1973 2A. Apennine peninsula (Italy) Westermann 900,000 1970 15A metal rods approx. 50th Europe Westermann 3Mio 1953 204x157H. Europe soil conditions Westermann 3Mio 1971 31A. Europe States Westermann 3Mio 1980 16A 196 x 180. European economy Westermann 3Mio 1978 196x183H. Iberian Peninsula (Spain) Westermann 900,000 1969 5A. Eastern Europe JPD 2 1971 4A 200x210H. East Central Europe JPD 7 50,000 1970 190x200H. Nordpolargebiet Südpolargebiet Wenschow 2x10Mio water stain 172x121H. The countries of the world Westermann 18Mio 13A 202 x 122. British Isles Westermann 1:600 000 9A. North Africa Westermann 6A. 1: 3.000.000 1973 254 cm wide x 149 cm high. The Western continents Justus Perthes of Gotha 1952 1: 10Mio 155x208H good copy. Central America and Northern South America Westermann 1977 245 x 154 7A 1: 3.000.000 NK States and transport top. United States and Central America Haack Gotha 1977 3.5 Mio 205x160H heading slightly damaged. Western Hemisphere Eduard Gabriel Gerog long before Versailles because German colonial possessions before 18. Auflage 173 x 173 battered repainted 1: 12Mio in Micronesia. Map to the biblical geography of Diercke Westermann 10A. 1967 good copy 183 x 148 2Nebenkarten. Middle East Haack Gotha 1: 2,000.000 pressure for JPD top 1984 227x180H. Kontor & traffic map of German Empire 1:700000 Eduard Gaebler broken but complete 8A. Giant plate 1cm thick from the time. South Germany 1960 Diercke Westermann limes 1:250000 234x188H OK. The flight of the people development of flying Jensen Hamburg 199 x 185 cracked close heading 50s 60s. Bottom shape of the Earth Westermann 12A 1968 249 x 144 1: 15,000.000 top. The climates of the Earth Westermann 6A 1967 1: 18Mio 202 x 126 top. The landscape belt of the Earth VEB Haack Gotha 1953 1: 20Mio 1000Stk. Edition 211 x 119 cracked u repaired. Earth, vegetation VEB Haack Gotha linen 1975 204 x 138 1: 15Mio top. The economic exploitation of the Earth, Flemming 1zu15Millionen, somewhat worse, 224x162cm. The age of the discoveries, discoveries and travels in the 15. 18Mio the development of the Inca Empire 12Mio Mexico z: Z: the discovery of 3Mio, coastal discoveries in Caribbean 9Mio, discoveries in the South Pacific in the 17. 18Mio, Westermann, 204x130cm, top. The Pacific-Atlantic space, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 1966, 1. Auflage, 269 x 165 huge, top. The Earth, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 7. Auflage 1977, almost very good, 24 million, 139x82cm. The States of the Earth, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 2A 1964, 138cmx82cm glue, otherwise good. Germany in the world, 15Mio, Jensen, 234 x 161, something stuck, very large. Africa Asia, Sandu publishing, North and South Vietnam prior to 1975, about rubberized PVC, 187, writable with washable pens, fine, 158 x. Africa, Westermann, 8A 1965, top, 162 x 175. Africa, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 6M, 1980, 5A, ca. 158 x 198, top. North America, JPD above li easily def. In 1963, 10Mio, 100 x 119, otherwise top. Nord-Amerika, Westermann, 6Mio, 1957, 8A. North America, Wenschow relief map, 6Mio, pasted response, this red, veiling. North America, harms, 5Mio, defective, according to 2CO, 188 x 210. South America, Westermann, 6Mio, 13A, 1969, something stuck. South America, climate and vegetation, 4x9Mio, Haack 1966, Holzstäbung, 182x193hoch. 90th Western Hemisphere, Westermann, 1952, 12Mio, 10A, 165 x 171, very well, down slightly defective, li. Asia, Westermann, 6Mio, 206 x 222, 25A, very good. Image map to the old testament, Becker, 1Mio and 300,000, with text, interesting. Map to the biblical explore, Westermann, 2.5 million, 1951, 6. East and South-East Asia, Westermann, 4Mio, 1971, 9A. 186x194cm H, very good. Eastern hemisphere, Westermann, 1951, 8. A, above li u re holes, 166 x 168. Soviet Union, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 3.5 million, 246 x 180, very good. Türkiye Dogal Haritasi, 1.5 million, supporting card 4.5 Mio, plastic, washable writeable, not linen, Holzstäbung, Wenschow, very good. Australia and Polynesia, front 5Mio, Arctic Antarctic, back each 16Mio, Sandu publishing, PVC rubber writable wiped off, not linen, 177x158Höhe, top. North – and Südpolargebiete, Wenschow relief map, each 1 to 10Mio, something stuck, 172x120Höhe. The States of the North Pole, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 1. Auflage 1959, 1 10Mio above li def. Federal Republic than Germany, economic priorities, 1 500,000, Jensen, 232x162cm height, something stuck. Germany, 1937, map of 1966, 2A JPD, ink entries in the Ruhr area and map li above 10 cm 128x98Höhe solved, otherwise good, approx. Germany, borders of 1937 entered weak, 1979, 6A. JPD, scale 1 600,000 top, 213x163Höhe. I have not written on Germany and neighbouring countries, 2A, probably between 1955 and 1960, here with borders of 1937 and 1919! Westermann, 1 700,000, glued. Office of Nieheim, Jensen Verlag, scale approx. 1 83000, linen 173x142cm, places: Nieheim Oeynhausen Eversen Entrup Bredenborn Rolfzen Vinsebeck Bergheim Himmighausen Merlsheim HAP Pömbsen Radford, top. Brockmann BB´s home map of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bielefeld, 1 1 in 40,000, top, top centered somewhat repaired, 201x176cm height. The Ruhr area and surroundings, design Störmer, Budde, Publisher 1 50,000, red is the reaction of the nachträgl. Foil repairs, there are large holdings, registered paper booths, etc. According to legend top, topographic map of large, 194 x 160. Home map Romerike mountains, wavy, approx. 250 x 200, 1 glued down by painting the Stäbung, 25,000, top. North Rhine-Westphalia, Westermann, 12A 1963, 50,000 1zu1, very good, 193 x 177. NRW Sauerland-Bergisches country winner, 1 200,000, 5 photos, 4 drawings, 3 maps, interesting water stains above, otherwise ok. NRW Weserland and Teutoburg Forest, Stockmann, 1 200,000, 4 photos, 4 drawings, 5 maps, interesting, slight water stains above, otherwise ok. Water Street intersection near Minden, etc. The journeys of the Apostle Paul, Becker, small defect in the Carpathians, otherwise top, 215 x 165. British Isles, Westermann, 1zu600T, London, Paris, 1965, 7Auflage, top, 187 x 224. The Roman Empire, Westermann, 2.5 Mio, inset maps 5Mio, Caesar Augustus 1.5 Mio Germania, 1966, 210cmx196cm, top. Europe, Sattaten, Westermann, 1964, 8. Auflage, 197 x 181, 1 3,000. Europe from 1815 to 1871, 3 x 1 2.5 Mio, Westermann, 1969, 204 x 133 height, top. United States and central america, h 1979, all English, on linen, real 204x162cm, 3.5 million worn, very authentic, really in the teaching profession, Blechstäbung. Asia, Haack, 1975, 6Mio, 182x214cm, room Japan cut, E. Just with a different card from me with order.. Federal Republic of Germany get good economy, Westermann, 1991 500,000, 139x202cm. Top, and interesting, 241x193cm high. British Isles, Haack, 1966, 148x176cm, 1 7 50,000, top bar is missing, Holzstäbung is lower. Early Christianity Paul 2, spread 4.5 Mio, Palestine land of the Bible of 200 T, JPD 2A 1976, top, 206 x 172. Europe, climate and vegetation, 4x6Mio, 245x180cm, Metallstäbung, Haack 1974, whether and below re veiling, linen. Geology of Europe physical wall Atlas Justus Perthes of Gotha, pressure approx. 1941 as Litzmannstadt, instead of Lodz, heading lacks, well. Italy, Haack, 1959, 750T, Holzstäbung, error: header cracked, the Otler and Algeria paper slightly loose, ungeklebte map, 180x179cm. North Sea, 2x2Mio, above re easily compressed, 146x97cm height, Westermann, otherwise top. Mining and industrial areas of the Earth, Haack, 1967, 241x142cm, ok. Vegetation of the Earth, Justus Perthes, Gotha CA 1951, 1zu20Mio, top, eye-catcher, 212 x 135, both lines are tree borders, Holzstäbung. Municipality of Ritterhude, 1962 produced by Ritterhuder architect Hans Michaelis from maps and part development plan, wasserfleckig, apparently with circles colored entries, top, if I had reference to Ritterhude, not for sale, 175 x 85 without bars is measured. The Holy Land, Verlag Jensen Jackson, with NK Jerusalem, approx. 122x161cm, religious education, glued, but OK. Germany boots sales Wenschow relief map, paper lift, no lines, State 1991, 99x135cm, top, 1 7 50,000. Germany, country groups political, boots sales Wenschow relief map, paper lift, no lines, State 1991, 98x135cm, top, 1 7 50,000. Germany, a kind of aerial, bird’s eye, smallest towns are hinted at, interesting, Mairs geographical Publisher, is 1989 designed around 98x145cm but no scale so 1 because distorted until far in the horizon, < span class = "notranslate" > 7 50,000 , to see Scandinavia. The seaport, clearly Bremen, Verlag Jensen Jackson, with legend, without damage, except anything small above re, top, interesting, partly with Toponomastic, huge, 188 wide, 256 cm high, plus bars! Circle Osterholz, Orion card, 1 25,000, PVC-like foil, 200x166cm, OK. Lesum Ihlpohl Ritterhude school environment map geo-Porta Westfalica 1zu4000, photo paper wrapped, top, 192x121cm. Lower Saxony, Westermann, good copy, up broken 1zu200 000, 200 x 173, 1966. Lower Saxony, boots-Verlag, Wenschow relief map, 1987, 1 300,000, 140cmx105cm, lower staff fully front, back solved, blank map. North German lowlands, sea dikes Moore-Geest, Stockmann, series Germany, the map has interesting overview, 1zu1Mio, 99x66cm, OK. Well preserved France and the Benelux States, Haack 1957, 1 7 50,000, all terms of german, Irish Sea, Norman Islands, etc. The Earth orbit – world map, Westermann, about 1974, 1zu33Mio, 120x83cm, above right 40 cm Holzstäbung, PVC, not linen, resolved from the bar, otherwise OK. The States of the Earth, Justus Perthes Darmstadt JPD, 1965, 3. Auflage, 1zu24Mio, 139x84cm, wasserfleckig, ajasi WD i. O picked off, otherwise. Building map, so far OK 168x113cm plus Holzstäbung. Dezimalmaße and weights, Herold Bad Godesberg, 119x78cm, so far OK Holzstäbung. Development of life, C. Jaeger, small paper tear at the circle time water dinosaur, adhesive, top, for children as a learning tool to study, 161x225cm. Developing a high Moor in Lower Saxony, Germany, from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, bronze age, iron age, historical time, presence, 71x91cm, 1. Aufl 1980, country Ministry f nutrition. 150th Latin output font, Hubertus Publisher Recklinghausen, 100x145cm, PVC-like this writable and Holzstäbung, top. Latin output font and typeface, back simplified output font and typeface, Hubertus Publisher Recklinghausen, 135x106cm, PVC-like with chalk writable, top. Map of Imperial weights VS overview map length RS, Vitus/Lingen, for the elementary school 109 x 126, beschreib-and washable. Our planet in space, C. 60s, 180x177cm, good copy. Numbers space up to 500, teaching aid for primary school or just at home. Figures room up to 100, hundreds Board, Vogt Publisher, PVC, single sided, writable with circles, 66x79cm, top. Africa, Westermann, orbit – wall card, Swedish in German version 1971, top, Metallstäbung, 1zu6Mio, 158x167cm. Africa: States, harms ca. Top broken, NebenK15Mio, HK 7.5 Mio, 152x134cm, ok. Central and South Africa, Westermann, 3Mio! Metallstäbung, li edge veiling, otherwise top 210x173cm. North Africa, Westermann, 3Mio! Canada, Westermann, 3Mio, 72, Brown stains, supporting card 1zu36Mio, Metallstäbung, 204x190cm, otherwise top. Central America and Nördl. South America, Westermann, 3Mio, 1968, 4A. Secondary card 9Mio States and transport, 245 x 154, top. South America, orbit – wall map, Westermann, Swedish Edition in German edition 1971, 6Mio, above li something dirty, Metallstäbung, 136x182cm, otherwise top. Australia and Oceania, Westermann, 6Mio, 1965, 15A. Some foil labels, otherwise top 208x170cm. Germany, Westermann, 1 700,000, 1964, 210 x 225, top. German Aland economy, Westermann, 1976, 9A. 1 600,000, borders of 1937, 244x194cm, top. Industrial and traffic map of… 1964, VISBrass Düsseldorf, 1zu50T, below re 40 cm paper, no canvas, 207 x 160, any large industrial place, solved by the bar, Garzweiler, etc, top interesting detail. Lower Saxony and the East, map to the reunification of Germany, on behalf of the Lower Saxony State Agency for home service, 50s 60s, 118x79cm. 168 South Germany, Westermann, 1 2 50,000, 1958, 13A. Top, 234 x 193. South-Western Germany, Westermann, 1zu1 50,000, 1975, 7A. The second world war, Westermann, 1959, main map 3.5 Mio, Nebenk. 1 7.5 Mio, 21Mio, 21Mio, interesting and serious, 208x178cm, with labels fixed. In 1977, upper bar broken British Isles, Haack Gotha, 750 T, lower bent metal rods, 148x174cm. Iberian Peninsula, Westermann, 1962, 2A. About heading cracked, flyspeck in the Mediterranean, hole just below Word 2. Auflage, otherwise top, 174x165cm height. Learning map of Europe, JPD, 1977, 3A. Top re 5cm out, otherwise ok. In Central Europe coal… Westermann, 1959, 1zu1Mio, 11A. Mediterranean and Near East, Westermann, 2, 1968, top, 269x150cm. Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg, Westermann, 1 300,000, 1963, 4A. Northern Europe Baltic Sea countries, Westermann, with Iceland, 1 1,2 Mio, 1974, 18A. NK also 1,2 Mio, no labels, top, 180x212cm. North Rhine-Westphalia and the East ChJaeger 1950 and 1960s, 168x110cm, something stuck, ok. North Sea countries, Westermann, 1 900,000, 1962, 15A. Some stickers, otherwise ok. Baltic Sea countries, Westermann, 1 1,2 Mio, 1959, 8A. Small defects between Arendal and Oslo and Hambourg Hamburg, otherwise ok, 180x214cm. Spain and Portugal, Haack Gotha, 1960, 1 7 50,000, heading a defective lines i. Paper gone, sticker JPD, i. For West Germany produced, 160x149cm, brilliant picture. South-Eastern Europe, Haack Gotha, 1958, left the paper 30 cm from the bar solved, otherwise top 1 7 50,000, 180x179cm. North Pole States, JPD, 1zu10Mio, 1959, 1A. Canvas works 144x112cm bent, interesting. Nordpolargebiet, Haack, Gotha, 1956, retouched with Kö 6Mio, without limits, with pole trips, slight damage, Kaliningrad, Gdynia, Szczecin, Wroclaw. Südpolargebiet, JPD, 6Mio, 1973, 1A. The standard of living in the world, Westermann, 1zu25Mio, 1974, 5A. Metallstäbung, 138 x 207, ok. The Earth – physical, Westermann, 1zu15Mio, metal rods, no label, good, 1973, 14A. The States of the Earth, JPD, 1zu24Mio, 1973, 7A. Very well maintained, 139x83cm. Landscape belt of the Earth, JPD, 1zu12Mio. In 1972, top 268x168cm. Vegetation areas of the Earth, Westermann, 1zu18Mio, 1972, 8A. Metallstäbung, of which the lower bar is missing here, it is after the PVC rail on it, slightly curled, as shown in the photo, it looks well 201 x 123, otherwise top. World labour card, Publisher of modern equipment, 1zu18Mio, down li resolved, 15 cm foiled unhandled Holzstäbung, brownish to Neptune, probably to writable, 193x134cm, ok. Earth, vegetation, Haack-Gotha, 1zu15Mio, 1960, 240x138cm, nor Holzstäbung, good copy. Rheinisch Westfälisches industrial area, Westermann, 1 50,000, up settlement, down mining, 1971 136x206cm, top. British Isles, Westermann, 1 600,000, 1975, 12A. Metal rods, top, almost very good, if less damage in the Bristol sound (channel) would not be 182x230cm. Europe after the 2. Italy, Westermann, 1 600,000, 1974, 2A. Secondary card ROM 10 T, top, no canvas, 194 x 208. Westermann, 1 40,000, Moscow 1976 5A. 40T10T2T City Centre, Kremlin, paper, no lines, 109x133cm, top. British Isles, Haack, 1968, 1zu750T, metal rods, lines, veiling, cracked, otherwise ok. 200th British Isles, Haack, defective, rodents, above li, 1987, 1zu750T, metal rods, paper, no lines, 123x169cm. The emergence of the Roman Empire, CataldiVerlag, 1 2.8 Mio, Holzstäbung, pre-1990 good copy, 158x108cm manufactured. The Greek economy and culture in the 5Jh. BC, StiefelVerlag, 1zu750T, NK Athen5T, laminated cardboard, 158x109cm, good ex. Slate cloth, roll Blackboard, teaching Verlag Leipzig, 1zu3Mio, chalk writable and with a damp cloth to clean, fun! Border probably permanently retouched, 5kg! France, 1Mio, 3xNager, StiefelWenschow, 1xdavon in France, the wooden bars was no one probably, if someone cuts off the map what deposit and paint, maybe with your kids, back blank map of the area, 100x137cm, no longer top. London, Haack, 1974, 1zu10T, cracked, 40Jahre old, bottom Rod bent, Metallstäbung, 157x106cm. Mediterranean countries, Haack, 2, 1974, cracked, knittrig, Metallstäbung, linen, water stains, 264x162cm. 207 North – and Baltic Sea countries, G & W Wenschow, 1.8 Mio, nach1990, AV, RV blank map of the same area, 158x108cm. Roman Empire, Haack, 2.5 million, NK 5Mio, 1976, paper, no lines, 2 holes, without heading up provisional 4Kant wood, below original metal rod, 215x150cm. Earth, climates, Haack, 1zu20Mio, 1982, paper, no lines, Metallstäbung, 183x105cm, top, brilliant colors. The Earth, physically, Haack, 1zu15Mio, 1980, knittrig, cracked, without borders drawn below re 33cm and above re 10cm out, 240x133cm, intensive image. Similar to paper, no lines, 136x95cm, received very good world, boots work card, 1zu30Mio, Holzstäbung. Earth tectonics, Haack, there is also a licenced Edition and production of Haack for Westermann, rare, Metallstäbung, 240x169cm 1zu15Mio, 1988, seems wrong, Stäbung is probably not bent, if the map on the wall, it’s probably best. Climates of the Earth, G & W Wenschow, 1zu25Mio, AV averse front, RV reverse back gone blank map of the area, 1 lower half bar, above li 35 cm out, laminated cardboard, 157x107cm. 214 South America land use IRO, paper, wasserfleckig above re, 907, 89x119cm, ok. Asia, JPD, 1 2.5 Mio, 1965, 2A, Kulli strokes at scale and Sunda trench, not striking, the not so intrusive scale, outweighs it loose and still rich in detail as the large maps, 95x107cm, top. Apennine peninsula, Westermann, 1zu900T, 1964, 11A. Africa, 1 6Mio, 1942 in Gotha, Thuringia print without borders, above cracked, 160x196cm. Africa, 1 6Mio, printed in 1971 in Darmstadt, Germany, with borders, top, Holzstäbung, 158x202cm. Africa Asia film double-sided printed by Sandra PVC, respectively 1zu6Mio, handschriftl. Entry at Cologne Rotterdam and Wilhelmshaven, 157x185cm. Africa politically/historically, Westermann, 6Mio, inset maps 1zu15Mio, 1972, Metallstäbung, 7Auflage, 206x186cm. The new world, 1942 printed in at Justus Perthes of Gotha, with boundaries, some stickers, 1zu10Mio, 153x208cm. Central America and nördl. South America, Westermann, 1zu3Mio, 1963 2. Auflage, top sheet, 245x155cm, print. North America, Westermann, 1 to 6Mio, 1965, 13. Crack from Baja California, 156x172cm. North America in 1954 with the dispossessed Perthes of Gotha printed, glued paper something down in the Pacific Ocean, 1zu6Mio, 159x146cm. North America AV VS South America RV, RS, Sandra-Verlag, double sided, 1 6Mio, up li little damage, PVC-like, no lines, 160x183cm. North America, climate and vegetation, Haack, 1zu12Mio 4 x, 1981, top, 210x168cm. South America, JPD, 1zu6Mio, 1967 1A. South America, Gotha/Thuringia, 1954, 1zu6Mio, top glue, 118x186cm. South America, Westermann/Braunschweig, 1962, 8A. 230 United States industry, Haack, 1970, with inset maps, Metallstäbung, 203x161cm. United States and Central America, Haack 1955, 3.5 million, top besides top staff by half, pencil SantoDomingo Kulli Cap Canaverel Florida, 200x143cm. United States of America and South Canada, 9A, 1973, Westermann, Metallstäbung, above re 12cm out, otherwise top 200x194cm. United States of America: economy, top, Velhagen and Klasing, 1zu3Mio, 231x160cm. Western Hemisphere, Westermann, 1958, 12A. Westermann, 6Mio, 1964, 23A. Almost very good, 206x220cm. Asia orbit wall map, Westermann 1975, original is in 1973 from Sweden Metallstäbung, 6Mio, 183x193cm. The Empire of Alexander the great, JPD, 1 2.5 Mio, about 1956, repairs, 220x111cm. The old Oriental, Westermann, 1958, 9Mio 3x3Mio, 210x130cm cards. The Eastern continents, JPD, 10Mio, 1961, 3A. 240 Indochina and Indonesia, Gotha, 1955, 3Mio, glued, up cracked, down 2 x 194x211cm. Japan, printed at Denoyer-Geppert, United States for Westermann, master card 1.5 Mio, 1970, 109x156cm. Old testament, defective map! Cut out heading, Jackson Jensen, ca1964, 170x117cm. North Asia (USSR), 1zu4Mio, Westermann, Metallstäbung down bent, 1970, 10A. Eastern hemisphere, Westermann, 1953, 1zu12Mio, some defects, Antarctica spotty, 165x159cm. Russia’s rise as a great power, Flemming’s Hamburg, 1zu8Mio, ca 60′s, top, 254x189cm. People’s Republic of China, 1963, still! 1zu3Mio, Haack for JPD made, top, under Taiwan probably the GDR notice blue made, 214x160cm. To the history of the ancient of Orient, haack 1985, Metallstäbung, 1xNager 12cm hole! Federal Republic of Germany and the GDR: Mining and industry, JPD, 1 4 50,000, top, 1981, 187x202cm. The Frankish Empire, JPD, after circulation of the large historical wall Atlas from Gotha, 1954, HH above cracked but fixed top, 194x162cm. 250th Germany, JPD, 1zu1Mio, 1966, in 1937 borders, 2A. Something wasserfeckig, or top, 127x98cm, not as large, virtually. Germany political outline Keyer wall Atlas with countries in the Soviet occupation zone, ca. Germany and neighbouring countries, Westermann, 7A. 1964, 1 700,000, get top, 201x189cm. Germany: Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic, JPD, 1 4 50,000, vastly, 1979, 2A. Westermann, probably 40s, 1zu1Mio, stained, NK 2.25 million u 3Mio, 188x116cm. School wall map of Germany after the years 1648 Westphalian Peace, Carl Flemming in Glogau in Silesia, probably 30 years, 1 damaged 800,000, repairs, Dr. Four times Germany in the 20. Migration period after 1945, Stockmann-Verlag, 100x71cm. The Rhineland, Westermann, 1 175,000, 1954, 3A. 260 Lower Saxony land between the Weser and Elbe, Stockmann-Verlag, map 1 285,000, pictures, 139x96cm. Lower Saxony North Sea coast and Islands, Stockmann-Verlag, pictures, 139x96cm. Lower Weser, Jackson-Verlag, 1 60,000, around 1957, without title, label, 188x170cm. North-Western Germany, JPD, 1960, no header, 1 4 50,000, 216x153cm. Saarland, JPD, 1985, almost very good 1 50,000, 1A. In 1966, little knittrig, otherwise good, 1zu1 50,000, 186x202cm. Switzerland, manufactured by Haack in Gotha for JPD, 1962, unfortunately the lower bar is off, the map is itself almost i. And the madness above heading cracked, on request I send a bar, 1 185,000, 208x160cm. 267 South Germany, Westermann, 1 2 50,000, 1965, 19A. South-Western Germany, Westermann, 1zu1 50,000, 1965, 4A. Alpine countries, Haack Gotha, 1 4 50,000, 1962, impressive card, without borders, heading slightly def. Apennine peninsula, Westermann, 10A. Image map: the journeys of the Apostle Paul, Becker-Verlag, 216x167cm, very good, Bible customer. 272 formation and decay of the medieval Empire, Flemming Hamunrg, 4 x 4,5 m, 2A. The classical Greece, JPD, 1 500,000, 3A, 1974, top, NK 1.5 Mio, 198x188cm. Heading, slightly damaged, 207x179cm. The Reformation, Becker-Hamburg, image map, probably 60′s 207x165cm. The economic exploitation of Europe’s, Flemming’s Hamburg, 3,000 1.000, 1954, up stickers, 207x158cm. Danube countries, GJP, so probably produced between 1945 and 1952, 1 7 50,000, Gerlach instead of Stalin Peak, Wroclaw Wroclaw both map without borders , top, 261x159cm. Danubian and Balkan peninsula, Westermann, 1 900,000, 1958, 7A. Europe, Westermann, produced before 1954, there free Trieste, 1zu3Mio, patina, 192x140cm. Europe, JPD, 1979, 7A. Stained, bent, bekritzelt, 1zu6Mio, rare, great summary there including the Sinai Peninsula, 98x90cm. Europe 1917/18 until 1939, Haack Gotha, 1980, 3Mio, paper No linen, Metallstäbung, up slightly broken, 212x178cm. Europe soil conditions, Westermann, 1961, 21A, 3Mio, 196x180cm, some tape, authentic. Europe in the 16. 284 Europe in the 19th century, Haack, 3Mio, 7Mio, NK in 1956, somewhat damaged large historical wall Atlas, reprint of Haack-Herzberg glued, 190x158cm. Europe in the 20. Jahrhundert, Fusbahn, 4.5 million 4 x, ca50er, broken Bay of Biscay, 208x173cm. Europe States, Westermann, 1zu3Mio, 1958, 3A. Jahrhundert, Fusbahn, only 2 out of 4 cards of the original card, 3 to 1 and map 4 according to 2CO, was cut off, 209x85cm, 1 strip off. France, Westermann, approximately 50 years, 1 900,000, patina, foil stickers, no header, 158x116cm. France and the Benelux States, JPD, 2A. In 1975, top copy, 169x200cm. Geology of Europe, Gotha: Justus Perthes, Haack physical wall Atlas, was Abt2 basic and floor, this card by Dr. 1921 edited rein, 1941 printed, still in 1951 by released the DDR to the publication. Litzmannstadt after retouched, is this retouching again, glued back with help lines, def. Part of the maps is again ok, top, 197x160cm. Italy, Haack, 1966, 1 7 50,000, Holzstäbung, smooth lines, good, 180x179cm. 292 Mediterranean, Westermann, 1976, 1zu2Mio. Bay of Biscay glued, impressive, 264x140cm. Moscow, Haack Gotha, schematic plan of 1978, everything in the plan in Russian, Cyrillic, worn card, obnen li and upper bar re below re torn, bent metal rods, paper, no lines, 156x156cm. Northern Europe Baltic Sea countries, Westermann, 1 1,2 Mio, 1974, top, no header, NK also 1,2 Mio, Holzstäbung raw, 180x201cm. Eastern Europe, glued JPD, down, torn paper, 1954, 195x210cm. Baltic Sea countries, Westermann, 1.2 million, 1962, 11A. Pyrenean Peninsula, Westermann, 1954, 9A. 1 900,000, some glue, 177x167cm. Thousand years of Western history, Flemming’s Hamburg, 298th 9 x 5.5 million, 800 962 1250 1555 1648 1763 in 1815 in 1878 in 1919, ok, 193x162cm. From prehistoric times to the end of the migration period, Stockmann-Verlag, Geschichtskarte1 top 137x95cm, unfortunately bad photo glued. 300 Südpolargebiet, JPD, 1zu6Mio, 1A. In 1973, super, top, 195x220cm. 301 bottom shape of the Earth, Westermann, 1zu15Mio. Top, 249x144cm, the decorations for your home. The Earth, JPD, 1zu16Mio, 1963, 2A. Cracked, small stickers, 210x126cm, old life eye-catcher. The Earth, JPD, 1zu24Mio, 1978, 8A. Really good, 1 entry to Mexico City, 138x84cm, not as big as the other 18Millioner 16Millioner 15Millioner 12Millioner.. The Earth, climatic zones, 1zu20Mio, 1982, Metallstäbung, paper, no lines, 2 holes of which 1 x in Australia, 1 x small Indian Ocean, fades, 182x106cm, no limits, no cities. The States of the Earth, JPD, 1zu24Mio, 1975, 8A. 139x83cm, relatively small and super fine top ex.. The economy of the Earth (I), Gotha, 1zu12Mio, may 1955, unreadable as legend below damage, wood varnish glued, 224x174cm, huge. The economy of the Earth (II), Gotha, 1zu12Mio, 1955, easily glued, trading goods, no header, 217x164cm. Earth, vegetation, h, 1zu15Mio, 1971, Metallstäbung, linen, bend in the metal rod, 204x138cm, lighter or top. 309 climate of the Earth, JPD, 1953, missing 1zu16Mio, heading, repaired, in the 30s the card has been called yet climate map of the Earth top despite 2, 212 x 137, bulkhead, heading Nordpolargebiet and Hambourg Bering str. Physical map of the world, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, something rarer, 1zu12Mio! Auflage, top left are 90 cm out solved from the Holzstäbung, who makes the work to restore it (the upper bar divided into its two halves of the half bar, the) are grouped together with nails, then filed out cracked part and the bars properly brought back together, needs the space to hang the map! 269x169cm, no sticker that would disfigure the map something. Vegetation of the Earth from Gotha, whether before or after 1945, it is not clear from the Haack of physical wall Atlas, lt. Perthes catalogue 1935 in preparation, be 2-3 can still remaining stock or reprinted from the first 50 Stickers, for example, the tree line is great registered 203x124cm. Vegetation areas of the Earth, Westermann, 1zu18Mio. The top foil, top, 202x125cm. Map of the world, Flemming’s Hamburg, without limits, in 1946, many German cards of this time no limits, have produced da the cartographers nothing wrong wanted, print the cards were not even Germany but central Europe often, < span class = "notranslate" > lower Rod completely solved, other damage, 122x88cm. Atomkernreatoren and Atomkraftanlagen, Velcro, or Dr. The Interior of the Earth, Verlag neuzeitl f. Work equipment, 60s, water stains, 80x116cm. The English vowels, Tower-Verlag, 119x79cm. The major climate zones, Verlag neuzeitl f. Work equipment, 60, 78x115cm. The plants completely protected in Germany, Reich Office for nature protection in Berlin 30s, 133x101cm, slightly damaged, top. The water supply, Tellus-Verlag, water in nature, 118x82cm. The water storage, tellus-Verlag, defect in the reservoir, 117x81cm. Third element: f neuzeitl humidity rain, Publisher. Work equipment, 60, 80x116cm. Domestic songbirds, Graser/Eßlingen, Panel No. 9, 98x65cm, some stickers. Development of life, Hunter-Hannover, 60s, top card, who talked with 5 year olds, hangs in the Museum of natural history in Berlin 161x225cm. Development of high Moor in Lower Saxony Ministry of food agriculture, 71x91cm. The first element of the weather: temperature, f neuzeitl. History of mankind, Hunter-Verlag Hannover, top copy, 159x212cm. History of humanity 2. Teil, Hunter publishing, 172x216cm. Gothic 2, Westermann style Customer Panel, about 1959, 88x103cm. Vivid civics T2, Hagemann, 116x81cm, slightly broken. Vivid civics T7, Hagemann, 117x82cm. Vivid civics T9, Hagemann, 116x82cm. Natural nuclear decay, Velcro, 1955, 84x115cm. Latest story T1: the Empire of up some paper from the Weimar Republic, 116x83cm. Oil seeds vegetable oil margarine, CA 118x82cm. As paper, 118x80cm is created. History frieze T1, 3000vor Christi – 711nach Christi, 120x82cm. Sensation and control by the nervous system, Hagemann, upper bar completely off, 168x114cm. Our weather, Westermann, 1971, 211x172cm. Changes of the Earth’s surface by external forces, Verlag neuzeitl f. Weather character, Verlag neuzeitl f. Numbers space up to 500, Albogast/Ottersbach Rörake, 178x39cm. The second element of the weather: the air pressure, Verlag neuzeitl f. Norwegian Fjord landscape, Westermann picture cards, 72x52cm. 346 East – and South-East Asia, Westermann, 6A. In 1967, Sakhalin fully on it, about 185x195cm, top copy. The Empire of Charlemagne, 768-814, Westermann, 1zu2Mio, 3 inset maps 6/2/2 m, without title, 205x124cm. Agaricales and other types, people and knowledge 1982, 64x93cm, Metallstäbung. 349 birth process, Deut. Dresden, 1Halbrundstab is missing, 82x115cm. 350th earthworm, people and knowledge, Holzstäbung, 80x114cm. Rosengewächs (cherry), people and knowledge, upper bar away! Table of weather observation, PGH Leipzig, ski remote cloth roll map, back blue linen, heavy 5 kg, Holzstäbung, 110x128cm. Asia – political/historical, Westermann 1972, 3A, master card 9Mio, all NK 15Mio, Metallstäbung, 209x192cm. The Holy country, Jensen Jackson, NK Jerusalem, Biblical map, above re of small error, 122x165cm. The Soviet Union the present, Velhagen & Klasing, 1961, 1zu5Mio, 194x133cm. 356th Israel and its Arab neighbors, JPD, 1zu1Mio, top, 2A088, 194x134cm. The career of the German people, so until 1945 producing Gotha, Justus Perthes, 1 1.5 Mio, glued, physical wall Atlas, 233x165cm. Bavaria, Wenschow relief map, 1 2. Auflage, without title, damage in Ingolstadt and Pilsen, etc. Nevertheless mislead or detail on the scale 1zu200T, 220x197cm. East Germany, Flemming’s Hamburg, 1zu450T, obne heading slightly defective, 170x165cm. 360 South Germany, Wenschow with foiling, this reflects the flash light so, this but also write with proper pen top, not smooth, 234x159cm. Apennine peninsula, Westermann, 14A, 1968, top state, 154x185cm. Denmark, Westermann, 1 300,000, mistaken, 1964, NK Greenland Fäerör 2 M, 3 M, North Atlantic 9 M, back the lines completely painted, front ok, 210x192cm. The Roman Empire, Westermann, 1 2.5 Mio, 1968, 1Loch R, otherwise top, 210x197cm. The break of Europe’s in the 20. 4 x 4.25 million, only the dead crosses are impressive and make very thoughtful dead according to statistics, 1964, today one counts alone 5Mio dead German Wehrmacht members, über20cm top re out, ca238x176cm. The evangelizing Europe, Becker, top, 196x164cm. The unification of Europe, ca. 1992, Westermann, 4 x 6,5 Mio, 138x194cm. Europe, relief map, Knoll Vlotho, top, molded soft plastic, so that all mountains unduly represented are, 1zu3Mio, all geographical terms in german, 214x153cm. Europe in the 14. Jahrhundert, Westermann, 1 1.7 5Mio , NK3M, ok, 1962, 203x132cm. Jahrhunderts on, and probably until 1945, a 150 year old wall scene, damage , hole, upper half bar is missing, 156x126cm, the edge coloring was still Default, the subsequent surface colour (a country has in the entire area a color) mode was later. Full ok, 1 3,800. Geological map of Central Europe, Westermann, 1975, 1 900,000, top state, 202x176cm. 372 Italy, Westermann, 1 600,000, 1968, top state, 194x208cm. 373 Ostsiedlung crusades Hanse, BeckerHamburg, 1zu2Mio, excellent condition, 206x167cm. 374 South-Eastern Europe, Haack for JPD, in 1962, 2A. In the Ionischwen sea to white spot 1xAufkleber, otherwise top, 1 7 50,000, 180x180cm. Alliance systems in the world, Westermann, 3x1zu25Mio, top, 1976, ca. The world in the 19th century, Velagen & Klasing, 1961, 2 x 1zu2 1.5 million from Putzger page 108/109, upper part of foils, bottom 2 stickers, 138x184cm. 377 world resources of coal, iron, oil, gold and uranium, Westermann, 1zu18Mio, 1961, 4A. NK 9M, top, 183x117cm. Structure of the Federal Republic of Germany, Hagemann, broken up re bracket for the photo, 117x77cm pulled out. 379th our Earth in space, Hunter, no header, ok, 179x169cm. Female sexual organs, people and knowledge, Metallstäbung, 1988, 80x112cm. Rhenish Westphalian industrial area, Flemming’s, 50,000, top state, 219x160cm. 382 formation of the modern States, Flemming’s, 4 x 4.5 million, around 1958, 202x155cm. 383 maps of the major German Empire, mounted on cardboard, not Stäbung, wasserfleckig, tactical entries in pencil from the period to April torn, side, blotchy, possibly May 1945, including boiler Breslau, Seelower Heights, half, Szczecin, Hamburg, i. Concrete front gradients and positions, no NAZI symbolism, production itself approx. 384 Central Europe, Wenschow relief map, well, veiling, glued, 4. Auflage, 190x176cm, 1 7 50,000. 385th German Democratic Republic 1 3 50,000, Haack-Gotha, 1985, 10 holes! 122x169cm, otherwise smooth and large otherwise battered. 386 Central Europe, 1 900,000, Westermann, top, 1 x pencil line in the Baltic Sea, without foil without stickers, 1969, 210x226cm. Industrial and traffic map of Rhenish-Westphalian industrial region, VIS Düsseldorf, top brass in detail all large companies from 200 employees registered, around 1964, 204x150cm linen. 388 Berlin General map, Mairs, 1 30,000, up something from the aluminum rod, 135x95cm, out of date, historic. 389 district map Steglitz, Höpfel/Sypet, 1zu4000, 183x204cm. 390 black city map Berlin, 1zu25000, top film, otherwise top, 196x137cm, out of date, historic. 391st black city map Berlin, 1zu25000, no longer current, historic, defects, 199x138cm. Borough Steglitz Höpfel Berlin, 1zu5000, 155x164cm. 393rd harms, list, 1 2.8 Mio, no header, probably after 1953, glued, 208x174cm. 395 Central & Eastern Europe after the 30jähr. Get Westermann, without heading, main map 1zu1Mio, NK 3.5 Mio, stickers, 195x123cm. 396th Mediterranean and Near East, Westermann, 1zu2Mio, glue, so beautiful motif, 270x148cm! 397 from the Roman Empire to the Carolingian Empire, Flemming’s, 4 x 4,5 Mio, 2. A, although paper up cracked, later almost all foiled, lower bar crooked, 204x156cm. 398th Zeitgeschichte, Flemming’s, 2.25 million to 9Mio, from WK1, after 1957, sticker, otherwise top 207x168cm. 399-Middle East, Haack for JPD, top, CA in 1977, 1zu2Mio, 226x179cm. 400 Middle East and India, Westermann, 4Mio, 1961, no header, wavy, glued, 194x145cm. 401st Germany, harms, list, 1zu700T, probably 50 years, 186x199cm, abundant patina. Germany Wenschow, 1zu600T, 8A. NK 3Mio, crazy little paper large map, lübben, 246 x 166! Germany, mining and industry, harms list, 1zu900T, 1. 404th Germany political overview, Westermann, 1973, 2. 405 threatened environment, Hagemann, 1972, top condition, 160x106cm. 406th bomb large and small forms of T3 the sea surface, Tellus-Verlag, lower staff completely loose, 118x81cm. Dutch polder landscape, manufactured according to original recordings of KLM the new German Stuttgart, Fricke-Stuttgart, 88x60cm. 408 Mecklenburg Lake District, slightly damaged, approx. 409 Renaissance 1, Westermann style Customer Panel, cracked, about 1959, 104x75cm. Romanesque, Westermann style Customer Panel, slightly damaged, about 1959, 104x76cm. Africa, Westermann, receive top, 1965, 8A. 412th Africa, JPD, receive top, 1977, 5A. 413th Africa economy, Westermann, 1 6.5 million, 1989, small sticker under the legend, rods are straight! 414 South America, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 6Mio, 1982, 3A. Top, without stickers, 1Loch at Justus, 160x200cm. 415th Asia, harms Paul list Verlag, 1zu6Mio, approximately 60 years, without heading, approximately 194 wide, and 217 high. Top 6Mio, 198 received wide, 227 cm high Asia, JPD, 1992. 417 South Asia Wenschow/list, 1zu4Mio, 2A. Yet with East Pakistan, heading slightly cracked, 237 x 166 cm. 418th Türkiye, Bakis Mehmet Ardos, 1 1.6 Mio, 1980, Turkish production? Centrally cracked, about 109 cm and 76 cm high. 419 Federal Republic of Germany, Klett Perthes, 1997, 1zu650T, above li 30cm from the bar, RS mute, 112x155cm. Germany: Federal Republic of Germany and East Germany, JP Darmstadt, 1zu830T, 1986, 5A. Down slightly cracked , 99x120cm. Brandenburg-Prussia until 1807, JP Darmstadt, 1zu750T, 1961, 1A. 423 South Germany, JP Darmstadt, 1zu200T, 1973, 1A. Top receive, about 253x195cm. 424 Alpine countries, JP Darmstadt, 1zu450T, 1974, at Marseille sticker, otherwise top , 216x162cm. Mairs, just top, could decorate 80 or 90 years just the apartment, 215 x 59 cm, great detail. Formation and decay of the medieval Empire, Flemming’s, 4 x 4,5 m, about 205x165cm. 427th British Isles, harms Paul List, 1zu700T, all English! No header, top glue, knittrig, 175x200cm. 428th Wenschow, 1zu3Mio, glue, slightly cracked, 205x154cm. 429th Europe 1871 to 1914, Haack 1978, Metallstäbung, paper above li def. 430 Europe to the new stone age, JP Darmstadt, 3Mio, received in 1966, top, 195x135cm. In 1970, several stains, 146x134cm. 432 North Europe, Justus Perthes Darmstadt, 1zu1Mio, 1969, 1Aufkleber above, some in the Baltic Sea, mad map, on a scale rarely! 190 cm wide and 224 cm tall! 433rd economy in Europe, Westermann, after 1992, da, no Soviet Union, 1 3.25 Mio, 228x156cm. The Pacific-Atlantic space, JP Darmstadt, 1zu12Mio, 2A. In Northern Canada, 1967, cracked otherwise top 268x167cm. The Earth, JP Darmstadt, 1zu24Mio, 1989, 13A. Very good copy, not as big as other world maps with me, yet class, cord for hanging, fits anywhere, 139x84cm the pure canvas plus Holzstäbung. 437th Moon, Haack, Metallstäbung, front in the word even 1 hole, back, 1zu8Mio, 163x106cm. Physical world map, JP Darmstadt, 1zu12Mio! 1976, Stäbung wood in the rough, without sticker, above re easily damaged, the word world map is not ok, top part, the paper from the side who buys that, should have place also it 270x167cm. Tellus history frieze, no. Africa: The new States after 1945, JPD, 7Mio, 1A. In 1969, 137 x 168, sticker. The African States, JPD, 10Mio, 1974, 4. The development of the United States in the 19th and 20. JPD, 2.5 million, 1A. In 1968, top, 194x134cm. Learning map of South America, JPD, 6Mio, 1A. In 1966, top, 134x153cm. North America, JPD, 6Mio, 1979, 3A. With chalk or as writable, 163x198cm, top. 445 Asia: Economy, harms, 1A. 8Mio, with Stalingrad, left cracked 158x116cm. 446th Asia climate and vegetation, Haack license for Westermann, fast top, wavy, 15Mio, 219x160cm. 447th the Kingdom of Alexander of the great, JPD, 2.5 million, 1956, 1 enlightenment. Otherwise top, large output, 218x119cm. The Kingdom of Alexander of the great, JPD, 2.75 million, 1966, existing cracked, otherwise top, small issue, 199x109cm. The Kingdom of Aleexander of the large-scale Diadochi kingdoms, Velhagen & Klasing, 3Mio, 1961/1967, NK 5,8 Mio, 194x149cm. The Orient and Hindustan, Gotha production 1953, no header, approx. 6 sticker in the Indian Ocean, 3 above, otherwise good 216x148cm. The cultural realms of the ancient of Orient, JPD, 2.75 million, 2A. In 1963, top, 199x127cm. The Soviet Union after 1939, JPD, 4.8 million, 1A. In 1970, top, 196x120cm. In 1970, 1 enlightenment. East Asia, harms list, 2.5 million, 3A. Soviet administrative divisions, Wenschow, 4Mio, 1A. Almost top, 1 kl. Hole at the bottom, 241x165cm. 456 South Asia, Haack, heading def. Left cracked, below re dirty, top colors, Haack for JPD, 183x192cm. 457 South Asia, Wenschow, list, 4Mio, top, 231xca. Sticker above, cut, good ex. Li, & re 187x199cm. Version for the period from the House almost Perthes, top, 194 x 208, 750T, 2A. JPD, 1 hole Lake country DK, otherwise top 195x209cm. In 1972, JPD, kink in DK, top, 195x207cm. Germany greater card, Publisher Neuzeitl. Work equipment, 1 500,000! Plastic work card, top left veiling, 275x191cm, attention: note size! In 1969, almost top, 154x215cm. 466th Central Europe after the first world war Weimar Republic, Velhagen and Klasing, 875 T, 1961, otherwise top up above cracked, title, 194x143cm. 467th German Democratic industrial, mining and industry, Haack, 1zu250T, 1963, 163x230cm. 468th Hink map of the District of Melle, 25T Verlag, Hanover, before municipal reform, cracked, defects, painted, sw, 103x88cm. Learning map of North Rhine-Westphalia, JPD, 150 T, ca. 1964, left everything Brown, entries, re top knittrig 191x196cm. 470th Lower Saxony, Flemming’s Hamburg, 1zu200T, small damage, 190x158cm. North Germany, Flemming’s, 1zu600T, enlightenment, beschäd. Northern Germany, JPD, 1zu450T, some stickers in “Water”, freely suspended somehow warped, hanging on the wall that looks slightly better, 269x165cm. Austria Alps, Freytag-Berendt, 1zu300T, 1963, below re 3 and li 1 sticker, at Steyr 1 enlightenment, enlightenment 1 heading, 232x190cm. Schleswig-Holstein, Flemming’s, 1zu150T, 3 large tears, down at least 3 stickers, 165x171cm. 475th British Islands, Haack, 750T, 1962, heading cracked, otherwise ok, 149x176cm. The classical Greece, JPD, 1zu500T, 2A. In 1970, top, 198x189cm. The Empire of Charles of the great (814)-disintegration of the Carolingian Empire, Velhagen & Klasing, 1.6 million, 1966, top, 183x146cm. The Roman Empire, JPD, 2, 1A. In 1971, top state, 256x171cm. The European revolutions, Flemming’s, 3Mio, 28Bilder, top, 187x194cm. The Hanse, JPD, 1.2 million, 1A. The Völkerwanderung, JPD, 2, 1967, 1 sticker Strip above, approximately 203x194cm. 482nd Europe, JPD, 3Mio, 1968, 5A. Below link easy def. Otherwise top 1 sticker White Russia, 205x186cm. 483 Europe greater card, Publisher Neuzeitl. Work equipment, 2.5 Mio! Foils, bottom right 40 cm out, 1 SWE a hole, 270x180cm. Europe in the 8. Jahrhundert, Haack for JPD, 1zu3Mio, likely revision, therefore not 1. Ausgabe by Perthes , top, 1963, 196x160cm. 485th Europe in the 12th century, Haack Gotha, 1956, 1zu3Mio, heading totsal cracked, otherwise top is probably the pre-war version of Perthes, 198x160cm. 486th Europe in the 13th/14th century, Haack for JPD, 1963, 1zu3Mio, 4 small dents in the Atlantic Ocean, top, 197x160cm. 487th Europe in the 16. Jahrhundert, Haack for JPD, 1963, top, 1 3Mio, 198x160cm. Europe in the 17. Jahrhundert, Haack for JPD, 1970, 1zu3Mio, top, 198x163cm. 489 Europe in the 18th century, Haack, 1zu3Mio, 1956, upper bar, above all broken, 198x160cm. Europe in the high middle ages c. 1000, Velhagen & Klasing, 1 2.5 Mio, 1967, 194x142cm. Europe in the XX. Jahrhundert, Flemming’s, 4 x 4.5 million, up stickers, almost very good ex, 204x161cm. Jahrhundert, Fusbahn, 4 x 4.5 million, from about 1954, no heading, above easy def. 493rd Europe in the age of absolutism c. 1740, Velhagen & Klasing, 2.5 million, 1965, top, painted with pencil in the Adriatic Sea, 193x150cm. Europe in the age of Napoleon (1812), Velhagen & Klasing, 2.5 5Mio heading def. 495 Europe after the Congress of Vienna in 1815, Velhagen & Klasing, 2.5 5Mio, 1961, top, 192x148cm. 496 Europe before the first World War (1914), Velhagen & Klasing, 2.5 5Mio, 1961, top, 192x152cm. 497th Europe at the time of franz. Revolution and he Napoleonic wars, Haack for JPD, 1zu3Mio, 1968, top, 198x163cm. 498 geological overview, Haack, 1zu3Mio, CA 1963 possible, Holzstäbung, 206x187cm. In 1970, top, 145x134cm. In 1968, no stickers, 146x135cm. In 1968, top, 145x134cm. France and the Benelux States, Haack for JPD, 750 T, 1961, easy edges def. Main image top, 155x191cm. 503 Gallia, JPD, 750T, ok, after 1953, 165x144cm. 504 Graecia, JPD, probably 375T, no header, 148x156cm. 505th Hellenism in antiquity, Westermann, 2x4Mio, 1959, 1 sticker, 210x192cm. Italy and South-Eastern Europe, Wenschow, 1zu1Mio, without title, pasted more than 11 stickers, 223x163cm. Central and Western Europe at the time of the stauffer Italein to 10th and 11th century, Velhagen & Klasing, 1.5 Mio, 206x155cm. 508th Eastern Central Europe, JPD, 750T, 1A? 1970, probably top 190x200cm. 509th Spain and Portugal, Haack for JPD, top part, 1zu750T, 1966, 206x169cm. South East Europe, Flemming’s, 1.7 million, down almost complete bar , 137x95cm. 511 West Europe, Wenschow list, 1zu1Mio, 4A. Western Europe (SB450), JPD, 1zu2Mio, 2Auflage, in 1956, up stickers and slightly cracked, otherwise ok, 159x211cm. The item “Schulwandkarte Beautiful Western Europe England France Map 159×211 Vintage 1956″ is in sale since Tuesday, April 16, 2019. This item is in the category “Antiques\Maps, Atlases & Globes\Europe Maps”. The seller is “raikolaf” and is located in Cottbus. This item can be shipped to North, South, or Latin America, all countries in Europe, all countries in continental Asia, Australia.
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